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Volunteer Appreciation Month 2024



Thank you for the Pet Visits Teddy Pig!

Thank you Vanderburgh Humane Society for the puppy visit! It was one of the highlights of the year!


Thank you to all of our community members who provided ministry services to our residents!

Chaplain Julie Pimlott from the United Methodist Church in Boonville, IN provides a special Christmas Eve service for our residents. Julie also provides a weekly bible study at the facility.


Thank you to all of the various organizations who provide supportive services for our Veterans. A special thank-you goes out to Heart-to-Heart Hospice for providing monthly Veterans Cafe meetings!


Newburgh Healthcare would like to thank the various community members who provided services and gifts for our staff and residents!


Thank you Heritage Hospice!

Thank you AseraCare Hospice!

Thank You Heart-to-Heart Hospice!


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