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The Activity Department at Newburgh Healthcare plays a crucial role in promoting our residents' quality of life. To meet each resident’s unique needs, preferences, and interests the department prioritizes meaningful engagement when designing our activity programs. Some of the core values that guide this department include: 

  • Connecting with one another through our social activities such as reminiscing, interactive games, and happy hour.    

  • Health and well-being promoted through our physical activities such as exercise and active games designed to help our residents maintain their physical strength, flexibility, and balance. 

  • Purpose and meaning cultivated by the provision of spiritual services which connect our residents with their beliefs and values.  

  • Intellectual nourishment through our activities such as bingo, trivia, and educational programs which help our residents maintain their mental sharpness and improve their overall cognitive functioning.

  • Self-expression and accomplishment through activities such as arts & crafts which provide our residents with the opportunity to express themselves and engage in their creativity.  

  • Enhanced mood through entertainment activities such as music performances and theme parties which keep our residents engaged and provide a break from the monotony of daily life in a care facility.  

  • Maintaining independence through the provision of self-initiated activity materials such as books, puzzles, and crafting materials.

  • Stress alleviation through our animal-assisted therapy programs which promote relaxation and provide our residents with a sense of security.

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