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Boos and Tattoos!

Halloween Nursing Home Great Activities Tattoos So Much fun Newburgh Indians

When is it too late to get a tattoo? The answer is NEVER! During one of our first Halloween celebrations, our residents got to choose their favorite tattoo from our "Boos and Toos" board!

While getting their ink, our staff also served up a Halloween booze cocktail!

 Tattoo Activity Newburgh Healthcare Best Nursing Home Activity Directors

Every resident had total autonomy in choosing where they would like their tattoo etched on their body.

Senior activity Temporary  Tattoo

A few of our residents showed off their actual tattoos.

Our staff and residents also enjoyed posing with filtered Snapchat tattoos!

Newburgh Healthcare 5 stars Best Activity Directors

Senior Activities Photoshoot Tattoos

Activity Director Ideas Senior Tattoos

Halloween Theme Temporary Tattoos Activity Directors

Photo shoot tattoos with older adults

First Tattoo Senior citizen Newburgh Healthcare

Fun Photos for Seniors Tattoos

Boos and Tattoos Activity for Seniors



EvansvilleNursing Home Best Activities Department

5StartsNursingHomefor Activities


Getting a tattoo is always a fun activity, if you're a senior or not!


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